ASHA 2013 Presentations by Penn State Faculty and Students

Penn State faculty and students will present at the ASHA 2013 conference in Chicago, IL, November 14-16, 2013 .

We look forward to talking and learning with everyone, and welcome questions or interest in the AAC Leadership Project.

See the links below for additional information, and downloads of presentations and handouts!




Merging Traditional Techniques With iDevices & AAC  (2-hour Seminar 10:30a – 12:30p)

Jessica Caron

Research on The Experience of Military Families With Autism Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services (Poster 11a – 12:30p)

– Jennifer Davis, & Erinn Finke

A Proposed Model for Individualizing Social & Communication Supports for Adults With ASD (Poster 1:30p – 3:00p)

– Megan Tobin, & Erinn Finke

Sampling of Professional Activities of the National Joint Committee (NJC), (Poster 3p – 4:30p)

Krista Wilkinson, Bill Ogletree, Ellin Siegel, Judith Schoonover, Susan Bruce, Diane Paul, Nancy Brady, MaryAnn Romski, & Rose Sevcik,

A Survey of SLPs’ Decisions When Designing Aided AAC Displays (Technical Research 4:30p – 5p)

Jennifer Thistle, & Krista Wilkinson

Mobile devices and app selection: Who is driving the decision process? (1-hour Seminar 6:30p – 7:30p)

Jessica Caron, Howard Shane, John Costello


A Meta-Analysis of Storybook Reading With Individuals With CCNs Who Require AAC (Poster 8:30a – 10a)

April Yorke, Michelle Therrien, & Janice Light

Parents’ Satisfaction With the Special Education Services in Sri Lanka (Poster 10a – 11:30a)

Nimisha Muttiah, Kathryn Drager, & Lindsay O’Connor

The Relationship Between Imitation & Joint Attention in Children With ASD: A Systematic Review (Poster 1p – 2:30p)

Jennifer Davis, & Erinn Finke

Teaching Open-Ended Partner-Focused Questions to Adolescents With Autism to Enhance Communicative Competence (Poster 1p – 2:30p)

Elizabeth Clark Serpentine, Kathryn Drager, & Elizabeth Clark

Newborn Screenings: Helping to Prevent Disabilities, One Foot at a Time (Poster 2:30p – 4p)

– April Yorke


Parent Perceptions of Video Game Engagement by Children With ASD (Poster 8a – 9:30a)

Erinn Finke, Benjamin Hickerson

Supporting the Development of Emotional Competencies in Children With Complex Communication Needs (CCN) (2-hour Seminar 8a – 10a)

Sarah Blackstone, Krista Wilkinson, Ji Young Na, & Jennifer Thistle

Friendship: Investigating the Perspectives of Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder & Their Parents (Poster 9a – 11a)

Erinn Finke, & Jennifer Davis

Planning Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) Trainings for Low-Resource Countries (Poster 12:30p – 2p)

Nimisha Muttiah, David McNaughton, Kathryn Drager

Multicultural & Multilingual Perspectives on Emotion in Children With CCN (Poster 11a – 12:30p)

– Ji Young Na, & Krista Wilkinson




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