Mobile devices and app selection: Who is driving the decision process? – Presentation

Mobile device technologies and apps have undeniably changed the way many families, SLPs, and educators approach communication and literacy — often even from the outset of the assessment process.

Penn State scholar Jessica Caron recently presented at Colloquium* the results of the study she has co-authored with Dr. Howard Shane and  John Costello (both of Boston’s Children’s Hospital) with respect to the decision process around mobile devices and choosing app(s).  In review of 18 months of data collection, their study considers the impact of an assessment model which is more consumer driven than clinically driven.

Jess will be presenting a Seminar on this research on November 14th at the 2013 ASHA National Convention in Chicago, IL.

She also participated in a free webcast around “Mobile Devices and Communication Apps: Current Trends and Future Directions” again with Dr. Howard Shane and along with Penn State’s Dr. David McNaughton, and Dr. Sam Sennott (now an assistant professor at Portland State University).   That discussion featured benefits of mobile communication technology, the assessment process, learning about new apps, intervention, vocabulary and language skills, considerations for the future with these technologies, and additional resources.

*Colloquium is a weekly opportunity for the Penn State AAC community to discuss a broad range of topics including research updates, clinical case profiles, and areas of special interest. It is a forum which includes faculty from multiple disciplines, guests from outside of Penn State, and students from all levels of study — doctoral scholars, masters and undergraduate students.


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