A Survey of SLPs’ Decisions When Designing Aided AAC Displays — Presentation

Thistle, J., & Wilkinson, K. (November 14, 2013).  A Survey of SLPs’ Decisions When Designing Aided AAC Displays.  Technical Research presented at ASHA, in Chicago, IL.


We present the results of an online survey of SLPs regarding the decisions they make when creating aided AAC displays for school-age children.  Participants report clinical decision-making consistent with existing evidence as well as practices that highlight opportunities for new research.

Learner Outcomes:

Learner Outcome 1: Describe major elements of the study design

Learner Outcome 2: Discuss the authors’ conclusions

Learner Outcome 3: Identify possible implications for practice

Jennifer has also presented on her work researching AAC design at the EyeTrackBehavior 2013 – Tobii Eye Tracking Conference on Behavioral Research; at the PSU Interdisciplinary Research Forum & Reception, Graduate Exhibition; and at ASHA 2012.

As part of her experience at PSU, she participates in the AAC Leadership Project.  This federally funded training grant in AAC (U.S. Department of Education grant #H325D110008) is designed to prepare and support faculty researchers specifically interested in the unique needs of persons with complex communication needs.   Jen’s experience includes a specific focus on AAC across coursework, teaching experiences in the classroom and clinical practicum, research opportunities, and promotion of leadership skills.

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