Multicultural & Multilingual Perspectives on Emotion in Children With CCN — Presentation

Na, J. & Wilkinson, K. (November 16, 2013).  Multicultural & Multilingual Perspectives on Assessing Early Development of Emotion in Children With CCN.  Poster session at ASHA in Chicago, IL.  [Handout].


Children with CCN have limited opportunities to develop emotional competencies. Particularly, those children with diverse backgrounds need to be supported by culturally and linguistically sensitive AAC. This poster aims to discuss the multicultural and multilingual perspectives on assessing early development of emotion in children with CCN.

Learner Outcomes:

Learner Outcome 1: Discuss a framework they can use to address the development of emotional competence in children and adolescents with CCN

Learner Outcome 2: Use the clinical interview tool designed to focus attention on the developent of emotional competencies in children with CCN

Learner Outcome 3: List at least four strategies to deal with multicultural and multilingual issues in assessing early development of emotion in children with CCN.

Along with Sarah Blackstone and Jennifer Thistle, Ji Young and Krista Wilkinson are also contributing at the ASHA 2013 Seminar for Supporting the Development of Emotional Competencies in Children With Complex Communication Needs (CCN) on November 16th.

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