Research on AAC Interventions in Low-Resource Countries — Presentation

There is no question of the critical importance for better understanding of the needs and services for children with complex communication needs in low-resource countries.  PhD scholar, Nimisha Muttiah recently presented at Colloquium* to the PSU AAC Community the results of her two-phase study on supporting these countries:  first, working with a focus group of AAC experts with specific knowledge of building international relationships and partnerships. This information contributed to the foundation of her own training project with schools for children with special needs in Sri Lanka.

Nimisha will be presenting her research as a Poster Session at the 2013 ASHA National Convention in Chicago, IL [Handout for ASHA 2013].

Nimisha has also presented on her work, Parents’ Perspectives on Special Education Services in Sri Lanka, at ASHA 2012 and at the PSU Interdisciplinary Research Forum & Reception, Graduate Exhibition (March, 2013).  As part of her experience at PSU, she has a doctoral assistantship with a specific focus on AAC; as a result, she participates in specialized coursework specific to AAC within her academic program, and also contributes work commitment hours which have included mentored research and teaching experiences (both in the classroom and with the clinical practicum).

*Colloquium is a weekly opportunity for the Penn State AAC community to discuss a broad range of topics including research updates, clinical case profiles, and areas of special interest. It is a forum which includes faculty from multiple disciplines, guests from outside of Penn State, and students from all levels of study — doctoral scholars, masters and undergraduate students.


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