Sampling of Professional Activities of the National Joint Committee (NJC) — Presentation

Wilkinson, K. M., Ogletree, B., Siegel, E., Schoonover, J., Bruce, S., Paul, D., Brady, N., Romski, M. A., & Sevcik, R. A. (November 14, 2013).  Sampling of Professional Activities of the National Joint Committee (NJC).  Poster session at ASHA in Chicago, IL.


The National Joint Committee (NJC) on the Communication Needs of Persons with Severe Disabilities is an interdisciplinary committee representing diverse organizations that support communication of individuals with severe disabilities. Members are active researchers and/or clinicians. This poster provides a sampling of the current work underway by members of the NJC.

Learner Outcomes:

Learner Outcome 1: Disseminate information about the NJC

Learner Outcome 2: Discuss the various research projects currently underway at NJC

Learner Outcome 3: Discuss the value of interdisciplinary work in severe disabilities


In November 2011, Dr. Wilkinson  published “Answers to Your Biggest Questions About Services for People With Severe Disabilities” in the ASHA Leader.  This article provides NJC developed responses and resources around the FAQs: Service Challenges and Solutions which were categorized according to accessing services (including eligibility), intervention practice, and funding issues.

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