ISAAC 2016 — Presentations by PSU Faculty and Students

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 5.11.08 PMThe 17th Biennial International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) Biennial conference will be “Bringing Us Together” in Toronto, Canada August 6 – 13th, 2016.   Penn State faculty and students are glad to be a part of this extraordinary gathering of the global AAC community.

See the links below for additional information, including presentation slides or handouts!


–       Symbol-Infused Play for Young Children with Complex Communication NeedsBeth Breakstone, Janice Light,

–       Gaze toward Social Interactions in Photographs by Individuals with Autism: Implications for AAC design [abstract]:  Jiali Liang, Krista Wilkinson,

–       Effects of Peer Support Interventions on the Communication of Preschoolers with ASD: A Systematic Review:  Shelley Chapin, David McNaughton, Susannah Boyle,

–       Effects of training paraprofessionals to use low-tech visual scene displays (VSDs) [abstract]: Nimisha Muttiah, Kathryn Drager, Lindsay Hall

–       Successful Employment of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Laura Richardson, Ashley McCoy, David McNaughton, Alaisha Sayeed 

–      Effects of adapted instruction on the acquisition of letter-sound correspondence and sight words by older learners with CCN and ASD [abstract, handout as pdf ], Jessica Caron, Janice Light, & David McNaughton

–    Designing AAC interventions and research to improve outcomes for individuals with complex communication needs; Janice Light, David McNaughton

–    Scoping review on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) interventions in low-and-middle income countries [abstract]: Nimisha Muttiah, Kathryn Drager


–       Evidence-based Literacy Intervention and Apps for Individuals Who Require AAC: Janice Light, David McNaughton, Jessica Gosnell Caron

–       Reading-Related Phonological Processing Interventions for Individuals who use AAC [abstract]: April Yorke, Janice Light

–       Dialogic reading for children with autism spectrum disorders: A review of AAC needs and interventions: Susannah Boyle, Shelley Chapin, David McNaughton,

–        “Just-in-time” programming: developmental appropriateness and implications for beginning communicators [abstract]: Christine Holyfield, Kathryn Drager, Jessica Caron, Janice Light

–       Using the iPad to support peer interaction for preschool children with complex communication needs:  Michelle Therrien, Janice Light


–       Designing effective AAC systems for young children with complex communication needs to support communication development: Janice Light

–       Early Development of Emotional Competence Tool for Children with Complex Communication Needs: Development and Evidence [abstract]; Ji Young Na, Krista Wilkinson, Jiali Liang, Gabriele Rangel Rodriguez

–       Evaluating an AAC training for special education teachers based in a low-resource country [abstract]; Nimisha Muttiah, Kathryn Drager, David McNaughton, Nadini Perera

–       Just-in-time programming of AAC apps for children with complex communication needs [abstracthandout as pdf ]; Janice Light, Jessica Gosnell Caron, Jessica Currall, Clark Knudtson, Merissa Ekman, Christine Holyfield, Beth Breakstone, Kathryn Drager


–       Research and Development Project Update of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for AAC (RERC on AAC); Janice Light, Melanie Fried-Oken, David McNaughton, David Beukelman, Susan Fager, Tom Jakobs

–       Supporting literacy and AAC: A case study of an individual with cortical visual impairment [abstract]; Christine Holyfield, Kathryn Drager, Jessica Caron

–       The Effect of a Checklist on School-Based Speech-Language Pathologists’ Descriptions of AAC Assessment; Julia Birmingham Karnezos, Janice Light

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