Using the iPad to Support Peer Interaction for Children with CCN — Presentation

2016_ISAAC_TherrienTherrien, M., & Light, J. (2016, August).  Using the iPad to support peer interaction for children with CCN.  Presentation at the biennial conference of the International Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC).   Toronto, Canada.  [Handout]

The aim of this study was to address this gap in the literature and investigate an intervention to promote peer interaction for preschool-age children who use AAC.  Specifically, the research questions for this study were: (a) what is the effect of providing iPads with VSDs and speech output along with teaching sharing on the frequency of communicative turns expressed by children with complex communication needs in interactions with peers?, (b) is the frequency of turn taking maintained postintervention?  (c) do skills learned during the intervention generalize to the preschool classroom, and (d) what are the perceptions of stakeholders (parents, teachers, SLPs, and children) on the intervention and its results?

This study contributes to the evidence base for promoting peer interaction for preschool children with complex communication needs. The short training with the dyads and use of commercially available technology make this intervention simple and efficient, allowing for ease of implementation in preschool classrooms. The study provides a foundation for future investigations of supports for children with complex communication needs in participating and playing an active role in creating and maintaining social relationships in the preschool classroom.

Additional information:

– Therrien, M., Light, J.,  & Pope, L. (2016). Systematic Review of the Effects of Interventions to Promote Peer Interactions for Children who use Aided AAC.  Augmentative and Alternative Communication.   [Abstract]

—  Celebrating Michelle Therrien’s ASHFoundation Research Grant!

– “A Scoping Review of Supports for Children with CCN in Inclusive Education” (ASHA, 2015)

– “The Relationship Between Motor Development & Language Development” (ASHA 2015)

– “Peer Interaction for Children Who Use AAC” ( 30th Annual Graduate Exhibition, Spring 2015), and

-“A Meta-Analysis of Storybook Reading With Individuals With Complex Communication Needs Who Require AAC” (ASHA 2013).

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