Successful employment of individuals with ASD who use AAC — Presentation

2016ISAAC_EmploymentOfIndividualswASDRichardson, L., McCoy, A., McNaughton, D., & Sayed, A., (2016, August).  Successful employment of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder who use augmentative and alternative communication.  Presentation at the biennial conference of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC),  Toronto, Canada.  [AbstractHandout].

Given the limited information on strategies to support employment for individuals with ASD who use AAC, there is a clear need to better understand the experiences of individuals with ASD who use AAC, and who are successfully employed in community settings.  This presentation reviews investigation of the employment experiences of seven individuals with ASD who use AAC and who are successfully employed in community settings.  Initial analysis of the data provides evidence that the three stakeholder groups identified a wide variety of benefits and challenges.  The experiences of these participants provide evidence that, with appropriate instructional activities and communication supports, successful community-based employment experiences can be achieved and maintained over time.

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