Symbol-Infused Play for Children with CCN — Presentation

2016ISAAC_SymbolInfusedPlayBreakstone, B., & Light, J. (2016, August).  Symbol-infused play for children with complex communication needs.  Presentation at the biennial conference of the International Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC).  Toronto, Canada.  [Handout].

The goals of the presentation included:

– reviewing the stages of play in typically developing infants and toddlers through Stage I (social), Stage II (exploratory), and Stage III (functional),

– discuss the importance of play across development,

– discuss the challenges faced by children with complex communication needs (CCN) and may require AAC,

– present strategies to promote play, communication, and language development, and

–  emphasize infusing symbols in play.

Information about typical development allows us to better understand the challenges experienced by children with CCN such as those with cerebral play, Down syndrome, and autism spectrum disorders.  The challenges at each stage of play and language development are described, and strategies are demonstrated that minimize the impact of the children’s intrinsic factors and maximize extrinsic supports for communication, language, and play.

For additional information:

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