Employment and individuals who use AAC – Webcast

McNaughton and ArnoldEmployment is a key issue in the lives of many individuals who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). In this free webcast, David McNaughton and Anthony Arnold share research findings on key supports to employment for individuals who use AAC, and describe the employment success stories of a variety of individuals who use AAC:

• “Haylie”, a young woman who, working with her employment team, has developed a restaurant delivery business;

• Anthony Arnold, who provides product support for the Prentke Romich company;

• Pam Kennedy, who manages an information outreach project for a federally-funded research grant;

• Solomon Rakhman, who provides information support for the U.S. Navy;

• Ben, a young man who, working with his employment team, operates an organic egg farm.

These success stories are used to illustrate evidence-based practices for supporting employment for individuals who use AAC,  and to demonstrate that participation in the workforce is an achieveable goal for individuals with complex communication needs.


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