The Relationship Between Motor Development & Language Development — Presentation

2015_MTherrien&MTherrien_MotorDevt&LangDevt_Edited4WebTherrien, M., Therrien, M., & Light, J. (November 14, 2015).  The Relationship Between Motor Development and Language Development Using the ICF Framework.  Poster presentation at ASHA:  Denver, Colorado.  [Poster]

Children with physical disabilities often have concomitant delays in language development. This poster explores the impact of motor delays and impairments on the trajectory of language development. Proposed intervention strategies to support language development in children with motor challenges are framed using the ICF model of disability.

Learner Outcomes:

Learner Outcome 1: Give three examples of the impact of motor delay on language development
Learner Outcome 2: List intervention suggestions for ameliorating that impact
Learner Outcome 3: Discuss the impact of team collaboration on quality of life for children with disabilities

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