Provision of Adapted Literacy Instruction by SLPS

Literacy is (images)Caron, J., Eskin, N., McNaughton, D., Curtin, E., Babb, S., Holyfield, C. &, Weintraub, R. (2017, November).  “Literacy is the most functional life skill”: The provision of adapted literacy instruction by SLPS. Poster presentation at the Annual Conference of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA), Los Angeles, CA.

 Caron et al (2017)_SLPs Interviews Poster (pdf)

Abstract: No single intervention will have as dramatic effect on a student’s future as a solid foundation in literacy. To date, no research has investigated the translation of literacy instruction for individuals with CCN who use AAC by common providers, like SLPs. SLPs that work with children who use AAC were interviewed to document their experiences with the provision of adapted literacy instruction. Results are shared through themes of success stories, challenges, barriers, and recommendations.

Quotes from study participants:

“Literacy is the most “functional” life skill of all and it is of critical importance that we think outside the box to teach these individuals this skill.”

“I think outcomes are low because of limited direct instruction and limited carryover of literacy skills.”

“Students in SLP programs need a lot more instruction on how to teach students with CCN in general and students also need a lot more instruction on teaching literacy to these students with CCN.”

“Functional literacy is a goal for all of my AAC clients. Some of them are able to achieve this and go beyond my expectations.”


Nora Skin at ASHA 2017

Nora Eskin presents at ASHA 2017

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