Acquiring Communicative Competence on Social Media — Presentation

2015_Caron_SocialMediaEdited4WebCaron, J., & Light, J. (November 13, 2015).  Acquiring Communicative Competence on Social Media:  Experiences of Students with Cerebral Palsy who use AAC.  Poster presentation at ASHA:  Denver, Colorado.  [Handout]

Communication needs extend beyond face-to-face interactions. A focus group was conducted to explore experiences of students who use AAC and social media. Discussion included advantages, disadvantages, barriers, and supports. Results indicated service delivery changes are required to support development of communication competence across a range of environments, including social media.

Learner Outcomes:

Learner Outcome 1: Describe major elements of the study design
Learner Outcome 2: Discuss the authors’ conclusions
Learner Outcome 3: Identify possible implications for practice

Additional information:

“My World Has Expanded Even Though I’m Stuck at Home”: Experiences of Individuals With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Social Media

– “Social media has opened a world of ‘Open Communication:’”

– “We Bought an iPad

– Merging Traditional Techniques With iDevices & AAC

– Mobile devices and app selection: Who is driving the decision process?


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