ASHA 2014 Presentations by PSU Faculty and Students

Penn State faculty and students will present at the ASHA 2014 conference in Orlando, Florida:  November 20th-22nd, 2014.

We look forward to talking and learning with everyone, and welcome questions or interest in the AAC Leadership Project.

We will have additional information, and downloads of presentations and handouts soon!


Incidental Teaching to Build Social Communication in Children With ASD Who Use AAC (1-hour Seminar 1:30 – 2:30p)

– Erinn Finke, Jennifer Davis

Using Instructional Discourse to Facilitate a Conversation Skills Group for Young Adults With ASD (1-hour Seminar 1:30p – 2:30p)

Megan Tobin, Kathryn Drager, Erinn Finke

The Successful Employment of Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder Who Use AAC (1-hour Seminar 1:30p – 2:30p)

Laura Richardson, David McNaughton

Designing AAC Displays: Non-Optimal Display Organization Results in Greater Double-Checking During Search for Meaningful Symbols (Poster 11a – 12:30p)

Amanda Lippert, Krista Wilkinson

The Penn State AAC Leadership Project: Doctoral Training in AAC (Poster session 3p – 4:30p)

– Janice Light, Kathryn Drager, Erinn Finke, David McNaughton, Krista Wilkinson, Barb Roberts, Jessica Currall, Julia Birmingham, Beth Breakstone, Jessica Caron, Ji Young Na, Laura Richardson, Michelle Therrien, April Yorke,


Revisiting the Definition of Communicative Competence for Individuals who require AAC: Research & Evidence-Based Practice (2-hour Seminar 8a – 10a)

Janice Light, David McNaughton

The Power of Play for Beginning Communicators: Implications for Children With Complex Communication Needs (Poster 8a – 10a)

Beth Breakstone, Janice Light

Cultural Influences on Conversation About Emotion: Implications for Children With Complex Communication Needs (CCN) (Poster, 8:30a – 10a)

– Ji Young Na, Krista Wilkinson

Communication Success for Persons With Severe Disabilities Through Interprofessional Collaboration: The ASHA E-Conference (Poster, 8:30a – 10a)

Bill Ogletree (Western Carolina U), Nancy Brady (The U of Kansas), Amy Goldman (Temple U), Beth Mineo (The U of Delaware), Diane Paul (ASHA), MaryAnn Romski (Georgia St U), Rose Sevcik (Georgia St U), Krista Wilkinson (Penn State U)

Parenting Emerging Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorders: Forging Ahead in the Face of Uncertainty (Poster, 10a – 11:30a)

Megan Tobin, Kathryn Drager

Can We Teach Children With ASD to Make Friends: Considering Current Research & Clinical Practice (1-hour Seminar, 10:30a – 11:30a)

Erinn Finke, Jennifer Davis

Building Language & Literacy Skills With Children Who Require AAC: Longitudinal Cases of Evidence-Based Practices (2-hour Seminar, 1p – 3p)

Janice Light, Kathryn Drager, David McNaughton

Perspectives of Adolescent Siblings of Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): A Pilot Study (Poster 1 – 2:30p)

Laura Richardson, Kathryn Drager

Preferential Attention Patterns to Humans vs. Animals: Implications for Photograph-Based AAC Displays (Poster, 1p – 2:30p)

Jennifer Thistle, Ji Young Na, Krista Wilkinson, Lisa Catanoso, Rebecca Keyes, Hilary Lee, Melissa Wenzel,

How Symbol Arrangement & Background Color Influence Construction of Short Phrases in Children Without Disabilities (1-Hour Seminar, 3:30p – 4:30p)

Jennifer Thistle, Krista Wilkinson


The Effects of Aided Modeling on Social Interaction in Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder (Technical Clinical, 8:30a – 9a)

Laura Richardson, Kathryn Drager

Perspectives of Social Media Usage by Individuals Who Use Augmentative Communication (Technical Research, 9a – 9:30a)

Jessica Caron, Janice Light

Benefits & Barriers: Military Families With a Child With ASD (Poster, 9:30a – 11a)

– Jennifer Davis, Erinn Finke

School Team Perspectives in Augmentative & Alternative Communication Assessment (Poster, 11a – 12:30p)

Julia Birmingham, Janice Light


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