Now Available: “All Children Can and Should Have the Opportunity to Learn” — Publication

Finke, E., McNaughton, D., & Drager, K. (2009).   “All Children Can and Should Have the Opportunity to Learn”: General Education Teachers’ Perspectives on Including Children with ASD who Require AAC.  Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 25, 110–122.  [Full Text].

A qualitative online focus group methodology was used to investigate the experiences of five elementary school teachers (grades K-5) who had included in their general education classrooms children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) who required augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Information was obtained from the participants in the following areas: (a) the benefits of educational inclusion, (b) the negative impacts of educational inclusion, (c) the challenges of educational inclusion, (d) the supports for educational inclusion, and (e) recommendations for other teachers and individuals involved in the inclusion process. Participants primarily chose to focus on inclusion as a beneficial practice for all involved, but did describe a few barriers and challenges of inclusion. The results are discussed as they relate to these themes and with reference to published literature. Recommendations for future directions are also presented.



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