PhD Scholars Present at Interdisciplinary Research Forum & Reception, Graduate Exhibition

Penn State scholars had much to share at multiple presentations regarding their on-going research and contributions to the field!  

Interdisciplinary Research Forum & Reception

Doctoral scholars, Jen Thistle, Nimisha Muttiah, and Megan Tobin presented their research to date at an Interdisciplinary Research Forum and Reception associated with the Health and Human Development and School of Nursing (March 22, 2013).

The forum is described as, “an opportunity for graduate students, alumni, and faculty from across the College of Health and Human Development and School of Nursing to meet…with the goal of enhancing interdepartmental awareness, communication and camaraderie.” 

Jen (pictured above) presented her work on the implications of including family and home-life within school-based efforts for AAC intervention in, “Two contexts are better than one: Proposing an integration of family and school contexts for communication interventions.”  [Poster]

Nimisha put forward her research on on special education services in three provinces of Sri Lanka, titled “Parents’ Perspectives on Special Education Services in Sri Lanka.”

Megan discussed community participation, living, and recreation outcomes for adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in “Adults With Autism: A Systematic Review of Community Participation Outcomes.”

Twenty-eighth Annual Graduate Exhibition

Doctoral scholars, Ji Young Na, Vanessa Smith, and Jen Thistle, shared their research to date at the Twenty-eighth Annual Graduate Exhibition (March 24, 2013).    The exhibition is an opportunity for degree-seeking graduate students across a broad range of disciplines to present their scholarly work.


Ji Young Na (pictured at left) presented, “Multicultural and Multilingual Perspectives on Assessing Early Development of Emotion in Children with Communication Disabilities” [Poster].  Her work is an examination of the contributing factors of language, AAC, and cultural background toward early development of emotion for children with communication disabilities.

Vanessa Smith put forward her research to date in “Perspectives of Persons with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Who Have Transitioned from Oral to Augmentative Communication” [Poster].   Her study reviewed participants’ individualized ways of seeking and getting support, and insight into the role SLPs can contribute with patient-focused service.

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