Providing instructional support for AAC service delivery in low- and middle-income (LAMI) countries: Muttiah, McNaughton, & Drager (2015)

This study investigated the experiences of eight augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) professionals who had ...

Welcome to AAC at PSU

The Penn State AAC community of faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students are dedicated to enhancing communication and improving the overall quality of life for individuals who have complex communication needs and their families. We are seeking to improve outcomes for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, developmental apraxia, traumatic brain injuries, aphasia, ALS /Lou Gehrig’s disease and many other disabilities through the use of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)  such as signs, light tech symbols, high tech speech generating devices, etc.

We focus on three main areas in our work:

  • Research to improve outcomes for individuals with complex communication needs
  • Undergraduate and graduate education to prepare professionals to meet the needs of individuals who require AAC and their families as well as a doctoral-level program to prepare future researchers and leaders in the AAC field
  • Service delivery (AAC assessment and intervention services) and outreach to meet the communication needs of individuals who require AAC and their families…..more
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Kudos to Dr. Krista Wilkinson with the NICHD Grant!

This line of study has direct impact on improving AAC system design so that using multimodal supports is efficient, and has the highest evidence-base for promoting success.

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Spring 2016 has begun!

We are excited and glad to introduce Dr. Jess Caron as an Assistant Professor with the PSU Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders!

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Congratulations, Dr. Caron!

We are thrilled to celebrate Dr. Jessica Gosnell Caron and her outstanding accomplishments!

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JIT AAC Technology Effects with Young Children with CCN — Presentation

A case study examining the effects of an AAC application that supports just-in-time (JIT) programming of vocabulary during interactions.

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laptop and globe

“My world has expanded even though I’m stuck at home”: Experiences of individuals with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication and social media: Caron & Light (2015)

This study aimed to expand the current understanding of how persons with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (pALS) use augmentative and alternative communication and social media to address their communication needs.

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Applications of Tools of Neuroscience to Enhance AAC System Design — Presentation

This research seeks to understand how such individuals respond to visual communication supports, in order to improve the effectiveness of these aids.

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