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Beth Anne


Challenge Like all individuals, adolescents  who require AAC  face important challenges as they transition from high school into adult life. Key transition goals include: having a safe and supportive place to live participating in meaningful activities maintaining access to needed services developing friendships and intimate relationships In addressing these goals, many  young adults who require […]

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Improving literacy outcomes for individuals with complex communication needs

Challenge Literacy skills are tremendously important in today’s society; they provide a means to enhance education, improve employment opportunities, develop social relationships, access the Internet, foster personal expression, and provide enjoyable leisure activities. Literacy skills are even more important for individuals who have complex communication needs and have limited speech.  Being able to read and […]

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The overall mission of the Penn State AAC research program is to foster communicative competence, enhance participation, and improve the quality of life for individuals with complex communication needs and their families. Consumers who require AAC and their families are actively involved in all of our research projects. Our research considers issues for individuals with […]

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