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We have developed a variety of free web resources, including



  • AAC literacy websiteThe Literacy Website provides guidelines for teaching literacy skills to learners with special needs, especially learners with complex communication needs (CCN)



  • Janice LightAAC Interventions to Maximize Language Development for Young Children
    (Janice Light)
    Young children who have significant communication disabilities are at risk in all aspects of their development. Early AAC intervention is essential to maximize outcomes. This webcast will report on the results of a research project, funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research as part of the AAC-RERC. The session will discuss: (1) effective designs for AAC systems to better meet the needs and skills of young children, and (2) effective techniques to implement AAC with young children who have significant communication disabilities (ages 0-3) and their families.
  • Student and teacherMaximizing the literacy skills of individuals who require AAC
    (Janice Light & David McNaughton)
    Literacy skills are critical for individuals who require AAC. Unfortunately, many individuals who require AAC experience significant difficulties in acquiring literacy skills. This free webcast will discuss effective evidence-based practices to maximize the literacy skills of individuals who require AAC. Case studies (including video) will be used to illustrate effective interventions to help student who require AAC
  • David McNaughtonEmployment and individuals who use AAC
    (David McNaughton, Anthony Arnold)
    Employment is a key issue in the lives of many individuals who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). In this free webcast, David McNaughton and Anthony Arnold share research findings on key supports to employment for individuals who use AAC, and describe the employment success stories of a variety of individuals who use AAC.
  • Beth Anne LucianiAAC and college life: Just do it!
    (Beth Anne Luciani, Sam Fecich, & David McNaughton)
    In this webcast, Beth Anne describes her experiences as a student at California University of Pennsylvania. Beth Anne has worked hard and developed an outstanding support team in order to pursue her dream of a college education. The webcast also includes commentary from faculty who have taught Beth Anne, as well as the insights of family members, academic advisors, and staff from the Office for Students with Disabilities at “Cal U”.
  • Aileen CostiganSeating and positioning for individuals who use AAC
    (Aileen Costigan)
    Appropriate seating and positioning is critical for use of assistive technology (AT) and participation in a variety of environments. Aileen Costigan, a certified Occupational Therapist, provides a webcast introduction to important issues in seating and positioning for individuals who use AT.

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