Celebrating Emily Laubscher’s OAR Graduate Research Grant!

We are thrilled to celebrate the 2018 Graduate Research Grant from the Organization for Autism Research that has been awarded to PSU doctoral student, Emily Laubscher! 

Emily’s project, Effects of Video AAC Technology on Communication and Play for Children with Autism, will examine the effects of an innovative AAC approach, the use of video visual scene displays, on communication and pretend play with peers for individuals with ASD and limited speech. The long term goals of her research are to develop and evaluate effective tools and interventions that will improve communication outcomes, social outcomes, and overall quality of life for nonverbal children with ASD.

Emily has already completed a pilot study in preparation for this larger project.

The Organization for Autism Research (OAR) established the Graduate Research Grant Program in 2004, in order to encourage and support students conducting research pursuant to graduate and post-graduate studies in disciplines related to assessment, intervention and support of learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families. OAR funds studies that have a high likelihood of producing practical and clearly objective results. These studies can then assist parents, families, professionals, and individuals with autism in making more fully informed choices that will lead to healthier and happier lives.

Congratulations, Emily!



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