Colloquium – Spring ’18

Janice LightColloquium will be held from 10:30  – 11:30 on Wednesdays in 301 Ford ( AAC Lab) during the Spring 2018 semester. Colloquium is used as a time to share and discuss research and intervention activities. Faculty and graduate students are encouraged to attend, present, and participate in the discussions. Please contact David McNaughton at if you would like to schedule a presentation time.

Spring 2018


17: David McNaughton: “AAC Strategies to Support Transition for Persons with Severe Disabilities”

24: Jessica Gormley: “Communication in Pediatric Settings” 

31: *Cancelled for ATIA*


07: *Cancelled for snow day*

14: Krista Wilkinson: “AAC in a University Performance Class”

21: Emily Lauscher: “Video VSDs to Support Communication and Play” 

28: Jessica Gormley: “Research Update: Supporting Communication in Pediatric Settings”


07: Cancelled (Spring Break)

14: PSHA Preview!

21: Jess Caron: “Use of the ALL App to Support Literacy Instruction”

28: Cancelled


04: Krista Wilkinson:  “Eye Tracking Technologies to Characterize and Optimize Visual Attending in Persons with Persons with Down Syndrome “

11: Ashley McCoy: “Evaluation of an OnLine Training in System of Least Prompts to Support the Use of AAC by Persons with ASD”

18: Salena Babb et al: “Use of vVSDs to Support Participation in Volunteer Activities”

25: End of semester summary



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