AAC Collaboration Project – Funding for CSD and SPLED Masters Students

collage of studentsIn Fall of 2017, the AAC community at Penn State was awarded a personnel preparation grant by the U.S. Department of Education (grant H325K170130).  The AAC Collaboration Project at Penn State  addresses the urgent need for fully credentialed speech language pathologists and special education teachers who are prepared to provide evidence-based services to improve results for high need children who have complex communication needs (e.g., children of all ages with autism, CP, TBI, multiple disabilities, etc.).
       The grant provides funding support to prepare Masters-level students as either speech-language pathologists or special education teachers with the skills needed to provide outstanding services to children who require augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)
       Students who are funded by the AAC Collaboration Project will complete a two-year program at the University Park campus of Penn State University  in either Communication Sciences and Disorders, or Special Education,  including:
(a) all of the standard requirements for ASHA or PDE certification;
(b) additional collaborative coursework on evidence-based practices for children with complex communication needs who require AAC;
(c) extended collaborative practicum experiences in evidence based practices for children with complex communication needs who require AAC.
       Student fellowships awarded under this grant will cover tuition and provide a stipend to support living expenses. The acceptance of grant support requires a commitment to work as a speech language pathologist or as a special education teacher, in a school program in the United States, with children or adolescents with disabilities who require AAC, for a period of at least two years for every academic year of funding support.
       This is an exciting opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children who require AAC and their families. Through the development of advanced competencies in AAC , students in this program will acquire the skills needed to deliver outstanding services to school-children with complex communication needs.  
Please use this link to contact us and to request additional information, or email Dr Jess Caron (jgc169@psu.edu) or Dr David McNaughton (dbm2@psu.edu). 
Please share the AAC Project Collaboration Flyer  with interested individuals

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