Use of Interactive Video VSD for an Adolescent with ASD (Babb et al., 2017)

Babb, S., Gormley, J., Light, J., & McNaughton, D. (September, 2017). The use of interactive video VSD to support learning and communication for an adolescent with ASD in a vocational setting. Presentation at AAC Colloquium, Penn State University, University Park, PA. 

Salena Babb presented research on the use of videos with integrated visual scene display for adolescents with ASD in vocational settings. A summary appears below and the full presentation can be found here.

Adolescents with ASD and CNN who participate in vocational training activities often require significant support both for learning new skills and communication within the workplace. Further,

  • Less than 5% of individuals with complex communication needs are employed
  • Many individuals with CCN are limited in their communication and participation in vocational and independent living activities
  • There is a lack of AAC interventions focusing on participation within the natural environment

In this study, the use of videos with integrated visual scene displays (vVSDs) was evaluated within a a multiple-baseline across activities design for an adolescent with ASD. Data was collected on the percent to task steps completed independently across three tasks in a work setting. The results suggested significant increases in independent task completion as well as communication across the work tasks for the participant while using the vVSD app.

 Results may provide preliminary evidence that videos with integrated VSDs may serve as an effective means to maximize independent participation and communication for individuals with CCN and ASD in real world contexts.

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