Colloquium presents: “AAC in Low- and Middle-Income Nations”

Colloquium, Spring 2017Jessica Gormley, a doctoral scholar in the AAC Leadership Project at PSU, shared her experiences with International Outreach Therapy Teams, Inc. engaging with a community in Haiti in building educational opportunities that include learners with severe and complex communication needs.  [Presentation slides]


Jessica lead the discussion around recommendations structured according to a Cultural Humility approach, providing practical examples to:

  • Consider the impact of poverty on the family’s and child’s sociocultural background,
  • Consider access to goods and services,
  • Work within a team to ensure the provision of ongoing, collaborative support,
  • Investigate the strengths, needs, and goals of all stakeholders,
  • Provide meaningful and relevant instruction to individuals with CCN and their communication partners, and
  • Create and evaluate sustainable AAC practices.

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