“The world is a much better place because people like Schuyler are in it” – Rob Rummel-Hudson (Presentation)

Rob Rummel-HudsonOur sincere thanks to Rob Rummel-Hudson, who spoke (via teleconference) to  students and faculty on September 21, 2016, as part of a Penn State class on Family Centered and Consumer Responsive AAC Services.

The virtual visit with Rob was an incredible opportunity to gain some insight into the world of an intelligent, humorous, thoughtful, parent advocate.  Rob was unafraid to discuss the topics that matter, sharing his opinions related to experiences with professionals in the field, friends and family, and of course, Schuyler.  He was open to answering questions ranging from the impact of the blog on Schuyler’s life, his hopes and current dreams for Schuyler, and why he chooses to describe his daughter as “broken.” As a parent who has a child with complex communication needs, Rob offered a raw perspective, tempered with humor and a dose of sarcasm.  As future clinicians, Rob’s insights are invaluable and memorable, and will impact our future decisions and interactions with families like his own.  A few quotes from Rob that proved especially memorable include:

“The best special educators that we’ve dealt with have been the ones who realized she was different than people they’ve worked with before and who were willing to learn.”

“I always, always, always want to start with collaboration.  Educators, family, and therapists are a 3-legged-stool.  Anytime one of these pieces is out of balance, it makes it really hard to come up with a comprehensive plan.”

“With kids with disabilities, experience will only get you so far.  You’ll find success when you realize you don’t know the answers.”

“The world is a much better place because people like Schuyler are in it.” classroom

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