Congratulations Dr. Jess Caron and Dr. David McNaughton!

Student demonstrating literacy skillsWell-deserved acknowledgement is extended to Dr. Jess Caron and Dr. David McNaughton for their recent Social Science Research Institute grant award.   Titled:  “Provision of adapted literacy instruction for individuals with severe speech disorders by speech-language pathologists,” this Level 1 grant aims to:

(1) document current challenges with access to training and provision of literacy instruction by practicing SLPs, and,

(2) develop and pilot a training that SLPs will receive in order to provide adapted literacy instruction to individuals with Complex Communication Needs (CCN).

Literacy skills are so critical to education, employment, activities of daily living and social interaction in today’s society and they are even more important to individuals with CCN as literacy provides access to significantly increased communication options (Williams et al., 2008).  As Dr. Janice Light remarked, “It is exciting to see this project initiate an important new line of research to address one of the major barriers to improving literacy outcomes for individuals with CCN – that of training professionals to effectively translate current research to practice.”

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