Looking forward to ISAAC, 2016!

Colloquium_2016_Holyfield_TypicalToddlersJITThe PSU AAC community is thrilled to share that Christine Holyfield has been recognized with an ISAAC Travel Award for Emerging Researchers’!

The 17th Biennial International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) Biennial conference will be “Bringing Us Together” in Toronto, Canada this upcoming August 6 – 13th.

In just her second year of the AAC Leadership Project, Christine has already completed several significant research projects that will advance the field and improve outcomes for beginning communicators.  This includes her work with toddlers (as pictured presenting at a recent PSU Colloquium on “Typical Toddlers’ Participation in JIT Programming:  Lessons for Clinicians Considering Operational Demands”), as well as with older individuals who have profound complex communication needs.

More information:

AAC Intervention with JIT Technology & VSDs with Adolescents,  ASHA, 2015

— Classifying Research Foci: Applying the ICF Framework,  ASHA 2015

Introducing and celebrating future leaders in AAC

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