Advanced AAC Seminar, Spring 2016

AccessibilityCollage2The students in Dr. Jess Caron’s Advanced AAC Seminar this Spring (2016), had hands-on interactive opportunities to practice with a wide variety of low- and high-tech strategies for alternative access to means of communication.   The course is part of the comprehensive research-based curriculum for participants on the Children’s Communicative Competence Grant, and is available as an elective for other students who have an interest in AAC.

This is among numerous educational opportunities which provide students in the PSU AAC Community to critically engage with topics such as:

• Universal design:  Supporting access to the general curriculum for individuals with complex communication needs
• Assistive technology /apps for individuals with complex communication needs
• Enriching AAC interventions for individuals with developmental disabilities through cross disciplinary collaboration, and
• Strategies for working effectively with consumers with complex communication needs, parents, and families.

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