Health transitions for youth with complex communication needs – publication

journal of ped rehab coverMcNaughton, D., Balandin, S., Kennedy, P., & Sandmel, T. (2010). Health transitions for youth with complex communication needs: The importance of health literacy and communication strategies. Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine, 3, 311–318.  (Full text)

Abstract: Pediatric rehabilitation specialists have key roles to play in preparing young people with complex communication needs (CCN) to participate in the adult health care system. As adults, individuals with CCN are responsible for describing their health needs, scheduling services, and self-advocating with health care specialists so they can access habilitation and rehabilitation services and technologies and have their health concerns addressed. Pediatric rehabilitation specialists can help adolescents with CCN (and their support teams) acquire both an understanding of how adult services are organized, as well as the health literacy, communication, and collaboration skills they will need to ensure successful health outcomes.

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