Godfrey Nazareth powerful guest to AAC Class

Godfrey Nazareth does “not believe in limits.”  In particular for AAC,  “the sky will be just the beginning.” 

As a guest to the graduate seminar, “Perspectives of Individuals Who Use AAC and Their Families” this past Feburary (2013), Godfrey shared his incredible insights and experiences as an individual who incorporates the full range of multimodal communication, and who is incredibly passionate about his life with his family, work, and volunteer efforts.

Godfrey reached out to the students  that as speech-language pathologists, “Each one of you has been blessed with incredible power, to shape, and mold lives. ”

Master’s student Alyssa Nilam-Hall shared her thoughts about the impact of Godfrey’s visit:   “I had a wonderful time meeting Godfrey Nazareth and learning about his experiences. I have been learning about AAC this whole semester but interacting with an individual firsthand gives an experience that you cannot learn from any textbook.  I can go on and on about how I was inspired.  He was such a joy to have in the classroom and truly put to light what we, as future SLPs, will be doing and the lives we will be touching in the future.”

Our thanks to Godfrey for spending time with the Penn State AAC Community!

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