Diverse Experiences for Students on Children’s Communicative Competence Grant, 2013

It isn’t even the mid-way point for Spring 2013 and already the MS students on the Children’s Communicative Competence Grant are actively engaged in a variety of experiences within the AAC community at Penn State!

In addition to their coursework and research efforts, graduate students participate in clinical practicum experiences at the PSU Speech Language and Hearing Clinic.   This includes collaborating as teams for assessments with school-age children who have complex communication needs (Tia Peart and Carly Millan pictured at left).

They also participate in 1:1 AAC interventions, such as the Literacy Intervention (Kait Schuessler pictured below, left). 

In addition, Colloquium is a weekly opportunity for the Penn State AAC community to discuss a broad range of topics including research updates, clinical case profiles, and areas of special interest (Kim Peterson pictured below, right).

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