Congratulations, Dr. Finke: OAR Grant Awarded!

Hearty kudos to Dr. Erinn Finke as a recipient of an  Organization for Autism Research (OAR)  grant award!

Erinn’s  investigation seeks to contribute important information on methods for teaching communication for joint attention and use of multi-symbol messages to school-age children with Autism Spectrum Disorders who use AAC.   

This study supports the OAR mission of promoting evidence based practices delivered from research in the following ways: 1) this research investigation will evaluate the effect of a specific intervention in teaching communication and language skills; 2) this investigation will study the effects of an applied communicative intervention for school-age children with ASD who require AAC; 3) these children can be considered to be among those who are the most severely impacted by their autism; and 4) this investigation will provide evidence regarding the use of iPad technology to support language learning by children with ASD.

Evidence of effective interventions for teaching language and communication to children with ASD who require AAC will help clinicians and teachers to make more informed intervention decisions and will give families information about a potential place to start in the intervention process with their child.

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