Preservice Training of SLPs in Evidence-Based AAC Services — Presentation

Light, J., Drager, K., Roberts, R., Currall, J.  (November 15, 2012).  Preservice Training of Speech-Language Pathologists in Evidence-Based AAC Services.   Poster Session at ASHA in Atlanta, Georgia.  [Handout]

This poster will describe the curriculum and preliminary outcome data for the Penn State Children’s Communicative Competence Project, a training grant that prepares speech-language pathologists in the specialized competencies required to provide high-quality evidence-based AAC services to improve outcomes for children with complex communication needs and their families.

Learner Outcomes:

Learner Outcome 1: describe the need for preservice training of SLPs in evidence-based AAC services.

Learner Outcome 2: describe a model for preservice training to develop competencies in evidence-based AAC services.

Learner Outcome 3: participants will be able to explain outcome measures for evaluating the effects of preservice training in evidence-based AAC services.

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