AAC-RERC Writer’s Brigade — Presentation


Dr. David McNaughton lead discussion about the AAC-RERC Writer’s Brigade. The Writers Brigade (WB) is a project of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Communication Enhancement (AAC-RERC). This program operates under a two-fold mission: enhancing employability for adults who depend on assistive technology (AT) and publicizing the activities the AAC-RERC. Participants in the WB will gain professional experience in writing and publishing articles that disseminate research in the field of AAC and AT.

Colloquium is a weekly opportunity for the Penn State AAC community to discuss a broad range of topics including research updates, clinical case profiles, and areas of special interest. It is a forum which includes faculty from multiple disciplines, guests from outside of Penn State, and students from all levels of study — doctoral scholars, masters and undergraduate students.

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