Congratulations to Penn State Masters Students!

Congratulations to the following Masters students who completed their graduate research papers in AAC: Jamie Balberchak, Emily Chapman, Kelly Chew, Jessica Denton, Erika Godiksen, Sarah Guthrie, Jacquelyn Hetzel, Heather McMillan, Lisa Mellman, Tara O’Neill, Katie Riley, Kristi Sekulski, Erin Smith, and Alison Stutzman. These students were involved in a wide range of studies that will serve to enhance our understanding and improve outcomes for individuals with complex communication needs who require AAC, including studies to:

•   Improve literacy outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorders

•   Investigate the effects of AAC technologies that offer “just in time” programming (i.e., adding vocabulary on the fly during interactions)

•  Investigate the effects of different types of visual scene displays with toddlers

•  Investigate the effects of different types of AAC displays (visual scenes and grid layouts) with infants

•  Examine how the composition of visual scene displays influences viewing patterns of those displays, by nondisabled students

•  Explore the uses of eye-tracking and brain imaging technologies for understanding comprehension and processing of both grid and visual scene display layouts

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