Reach for the Stars: Five principles for the next 25 years of AAC – Publication

AAC Journal cover

Williams, M., Krezman, C., & McNaughton, D. (2008). Reach for the Stars: Five Principles for the Next 25 Years of AAC. Augmentative & Alternative Communication, 24, 194-206. (full text)

Basing our work on the published writings of individuals who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and their family members, we offer five principles to guide AAC assessment, intervention, research, and development: (a) The time for AAC is now; (b) One is never enough; (c) My AAC must fit my life; (d) AAC must support full participation in all aspects of 21st century life; and (e) Nothing about me without me. These five principles are individually important, but also interconnected, and are meant to provide clear goals for the field of AAC as we work towards the achievement of communication and participation for all.

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