Family leisure as a context for AAC intervention: An interdisciplinary case study — Presentation

Example twins interacting w/AACO’Neill, T., McCoy, A., Holyfield, C., Boyle, S., Liang, J., Mandak, K., Wilkinson, K. (2016, November).  Family leisure as a context for AAC intervention:  An interdisciplinary case study.  Presentation at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Conference, Philadelphia, PA.  [Presentation Slides].

Abstract:  Despite the rich communication opportunities available during family leisure, it is an often overlooked context in AAC. Through a case study approach, this session explores the application of family systems theory, applied behavioral analysis, and literacy activities to support effective integration of AAC into family leisure.

Discussion will include:  Identifying activities classified as family leisure and related benefits, explaining critical features of family leisure that make it an optimal context for AAC intervention, and barriers/potential interdisciplinary strategies to increase successful AAC intervention within family leisure activities

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