AAC Applications for Beginning Communicators: Design and Application — Presentation

2016_PSHA_AAC4BegCommDrager, K., & Muttiah, N. (April 8, 2016).  AAC Applications for Beginning Communicators:  Design and Application.  Highlighted presentation/short course at PSHA 2016 Convention:  Pittsburgh, PA.  [Handout]

This short course focused on the design of aided augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems specifically for beginning communicators across a range of ages:  young children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities.  Factors that may influence the design of AAC systems were discussed, including system and display requirements — with emphasis placed on the use of visual scene displays (VSDs) using high and low-technology.  A model intended to help guide clinicians, manufacturers and researchers in the design of aided AAC systems was presented:   system design should be driven by the combination of factors associated with the individual, factors associated with the communication task, and factors associated with the system (such as underlying content, its representation, organization and presentation).

Research investigating an AAC intervention for beginning communicators to increase social communicative interaction and language development was reviewed; specifically, an intervention utilizing recommended design features for beginning communicators within interactive play/leisure and meaningful activities.

Lastly, this session included applications of research findings that may be accessible to individuals in a variety of contexts, including those in which available resources may be limited; and recommendations learned from initial studies investigating training educational professionals about providing communication opportunities.

For some additional information about AAC interventions with beginning communicators:

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