Communication Takes Care: Heartfelt wishes to Dr. Nimisha Muttiah

CelebratingNimisha_Edited4Web2It has been a year since Dr. Nimisha Muttiah graduated from PSU, and now she is preparing to return to her beautiful home country of Sri Lanka.   In a recent guest blog for Franciscan Children’s, she has been reflecting on her experiences over the last ten years in the United States:  “I could never have anticipated the opportunities I was going to have, the children and adults who would touch my life, and the friendships I would make. It has been an amazing journey!”  

“Nimisha’s work represents the first and only investigation of the issues faced by parents in Sri Lanka, and will be a valuable resource for advocacy and policy change,” said Kathryn Drager, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education with the Penn State College of Health and Human Development. “The results of her studies will significantly contribute to our knowledge base for providing high-quality educational experiences for children with significant disabilities around the globe”  (Dwyer, 2015).

For more information about Dr. Nimisha Muttiah:

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