Spring and the Children’s Communicative Competence Grant (2015)


Children’s Communicative Competence Grant, Spring 2015

This time of year we are always pleased to share about the different learning experiences on-going in the PSU AAC Community.

The MS students on the Children’s Communicative Competence Grant have been involved in a range of activities including:

– specialized coursework to build competence across the range of AAC methods,

– experiences providing intervention with individuals who have complex communication needs across the lifespan of early intervention, school age and adolescent learners, and adults,

– experiences participating in teamwork collaboration for comprehensive assessment for persons who may benefit from AAC strategies and supports,

– mentored research with faculty and PhD scholars across consideration and advances in understanding for AAC interventions, and

– participating in and leading discussions in a variety of forums within our community; for example, sharing information about topics of interest at Colloquium, or leading training sessions on programming apps and software.

In the photo, clockwise from the top:  Lee Buenviaje provides augmented input for building receptive and expressive language skills, Victoria Ortega pauses in her research work, Jamie Ragsdale reviews literacy skills within an assessment, and Merissa Ekman presented at Colloquium about gesture-based communication.

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