Supporting Successful Transitions for Adolescents with Complex Communication Needs

Chris Klein and friend

McNaughton, D., Kennedy, P., & Light, J. (2012). Evidence-Based Practices for Supporting Successful Transitions for Adolescents with Complex Communication Needs. Presentation at 15th Biennial Conference of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) in Pittsburgh, PA.



The materials below provide additional information on  the four main goals of successful transitions:

  • A safe place to live
  • Meaningful activities
  • Access to needed services
  • Friends and relationships


A Safe Place to Live

How Far We’ve Come, How Far We’ve Got to Go: Tales from the Trenches (Michael Williams)  (webcast)

Meaningful Activities

Employment  (McNaughton & Arnold) (webcast)
Employment (McNaughton & Chapple) (webcast)
Rebecca Beayni (website)
Beth Anne Luciani: College Life (webcast)
Anne Abbott (website)
Literacy and AAC (website)
AAC-RERC Writers Brigade (website)

Access to Medical Services

Communication passport
Patient Provider
Health passport (website)
Health vocabulary (website)
Communication Access in the Community (webcast)

Friends and relationships

Social Network (website)
Circle of friends (website)
AAC Mentor project (website)

Chris Klein : Building Relationships through the Tools of Communication  (YouTube video)

book cover McNaughton, D. & Beukelman, D. (2010). Transition strategies for adolescents and young adults who use AAC. Brookes Publishing.

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